About Me


Hi there! I'm Lir, a passionate crafter, based in London, UK.
After years of designing and making all kinds of creations such as accessories, dolls, jewellery, and more, I decided it is time to share my designs and create together with you.
That's why in late 2017 I founded
Crochet with Lir - a community
for crochet lovers and a place to inspire one another.


As a crafter, one of my main goals is to provide you with the best crochet- making experience possible.
From conceptualisation to the final outcome, each design was tested thoroughly and is
beautifully crafted and completely unique. Each pattern is detailed, yet easy to understand with pictures and clear design. Also, each pattern comes with a free video tutorial - to help you overcome any issues you may face. I am keen to improve my designs even further, which is why I have worked tremendously hard on my Community page - where you can ask questions, make a suggestion and also help others.

Remember - stylish designs comes from pure inspiration, so get creative! 
Lastly, please feel free to get in touch to find out more about my made-to-order design services.

Come on, let’s start creating together today!

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